29-30 November, Detroit, US: Events to forecast the future of connected, automated driving

A workshop organized by TIA in partnership with ITU in Detroit, US, 29 November, will bring together key players in vehicle connectivity to discuss their plans to improve road safety, decrease emissions and exploit new data-driven revenue opportunities.

Thought leaders of the ICT and automotive sectors will share insight into the transformation of the transport ecosystem and its contribution to the development of smart sustainable cities. In focus will be advances in vehicle connectivity, impending regulatory decisions, emerging technologies, consumer trends and standardization strategies.

The workshop will showcase new facilities providing testbeds for innovations in the field of connected, automated driving. Other key points on the workshop’s agenda include:

  • Policy, technology and business perspectives on automated driving
  • The spectrum requirements for vehicle communications
  • The road to 5G and associated prospects for connected, automated driving
  • Keeping drivers connected to their digital lives vehicles without exacerbating driver distraction
  • Cybersecurity of automotive software, data security and privacy management
  • The opportunities presented by Big Data in the mobility arena

The workshop will be followed by a meeting of the Collaboration on ITS Communication Standards, the body responsible for the coordination technical standardization work to encourage the offer of interoperable ITS products.

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