19 April, Washington DC, US: Workshop to plan next phase of global collaboration in digital financial services

An upcoming workshop in Washington DC, US, 19 April, will present the findings of the ITU Focus Group on Digital Financial Services and discuss the next phase of global collaboration aimed at stimulating the rollout of digital financial services (DFS).

The workshop will be hosted by the World Bank, organized by ITU in partnership with the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Learn more about the workshop…

The ITU Focus Group led a two-year consultation process to tackle the challenges facing the broader adoption of the ‘mobile money’ innovations that have shown great potential to bring basic financial services to the estimated 2 billion adults worldwide still without access to a bank account.

The group concluded its study in early 2017 with the delivery of 85 policy recommendations and 28 supporting thematic reports to assist DFS stakeholders in their pursuit of greater financial inclusion. All reports can be downloaded free of charge from the Focus Group’s homepage.

The collaboration initiated by the Focus Group will continue in the form of a three-year programme of collective action known as the ‘Financial Inclusion Global Initiative’ led by ITU, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank Group, and the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure.

The new multi-partisan will provide targeted assistance to selected countries in their pursuit of financial-inclusion targets. This implementation work stream will be supported by annual symposia and thematic working groups.

Watch the wrap-up video of the Focus Group’s final meeting in December 2016 below, or learn about the work of the Focus Group in greater depth from a series of ITU interviews with DFS experts:

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