Why IEEE’s Computer Society Chair supports the AI for Good Global Summit: Q&A

Renowned artificial intelligence (AI) expert Stephen Ibaraki recently interviewed Andy Chen, the Computer Society Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) and President & CEO of the Catronic Enterprise consulting firm, about why IEEE is supporting the AI for Good Global Summit this June in Geneva, Switzerland. Below is an excerpted version of the interview.

AI for GOODQ: Personally, professionally, and as board chairman within the IEEE computer society, why are you supporting the AI for Good Global Summit?

A:  “In recent years, I have been focusing and devoting most of my energy in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Education and Professional Training. Through XPRIZE AI, we were able to reach out to our members to form teams globally to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world’s grand challenges. We also encourage remote participation in the AI for Good Global Summit amongst our local chapters worldwide.”

Q: In what ways can the IEEE computer society support the AI for Good Global Summit?

A: “Earlier on, IEEE Computer Society signed an agreement with Xprize Foundation to support their various stages of competitions by encouraging our members to participate and providing leading researchers and industry leaders to help judging the competitions. When Xprize Foundation joined forces with ITU along with other UN agencies to launch AI for Good Global Summit, I took the first opportunity to volunteer to help with this inaugural event. IEEE CS has been actively involved in various initiatives enabling the success of this event. For instance, we help with the remote participation planning efforts and nominate guest editors for first issue of AI Journal.”

Q: What outcomes do you wish to see from the summit?

A:  “To learn from leading experts in their innovated approach to enable AI solutions to solve many of global challenges facing us today. More importantly to facilitate collaborations between these leading experts and to join their efforts to deliver bigger and better impact.”

Q: What are your top five program areas of interest at the summit and do you have any stories to share behind your choices?

A:  “Investments, Economic Aspects and Designing the Future; Future Roadmap – Collaborating for Good; AI for Common Good and Sustainable Living. Under Sustainable Living, last year I delivered a keynote speech on “Smart Cities; A Step into the Future” in Nigeria, Africa. I experienced first-hand how the developing country cope with challenging living conditions. I met a large number of young professionals with entrepreneurship spirits. Empowering this young generation with better training and educations will certainly benefit not only their local economy but it will have significant impact in the global scale.”

Q: What are your predictions for AI?

A:  “I see that the tools, devices and services that we use on and off work will become much more intelligent. We will begin to see “Personal AI’s”, “Professional AI’s”, “Enterprise AI’s” along with some specialized “Agent AI” surfaced. Just like the smart phones, tablets and laptop today, they will become an integral part of our day-to-day life.”

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