26 May, Hangzhou, China: ITU workshop on broadband cable and TV – join the discussion online

An ITU workshop on TV and content delivery over Integrated Broadband Cable Networks in Hangzhou, China, 26 May 2017, will explore the latest innovations in the field of Integrated Broadband Cable Networks, networks delivering TV and broadband services over coaxial and hybrid fibre-coaxial cable.

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The workshop will share information on the latest trends in broadband cable and TV, highlighting the strategies proving successful in delivering new user experiences such as virtual and augmented reality. This discussion will inform the workshop’s identification of priorities in related standardization efforts and prospects for future standardization work.

View all the speakers and presentations on the workshop programme.

The workshop’s discussions will follow three main tracks:

  • Latest trends in cable TV deployment and business strategy
  • Innovative types of TV services, experiences, standards and technologies (e.g., augmented reality; virtual reality; 3D and ultra-high-definition ‘4K’ and ‘8K’ TV; smart home; Internet of Things)
  • Technologies and terminals for advanced cable TV services

The workshop will feature a keynote presentation on “Gigabit Broadband Competition in the US” delivered by Christopher J. Lammers, Chief Operations Officer of CableLabs, US. The presentation will offer an overview of the rapid evolution of broadband services in the US, the technologies underlying the provision of these services and the expanding competitive environment driving service evolution.

An exhibition showcasing cutting-edge research and development in cable networking will share insight into the work of Beijing Hannuo Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Japan Cable Labs, KDDI, Sumavision and Wasu.

The workshop’s findings will feed into a meeting of ITU-T Study Group 9, ITU’s standardization expert group for ‘Broadband cable and TV’, scheduled for 24-31 May 2017 at the same venue.

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