Daily highlights and in-depth interviews: Videos from the AI for Good Global Summit

Leading minds in AI and humanitarian action convened with industry leaders and academia at the AI for Good Global Summit, 7-9 June 2017, to discuss how AI will assist global efforts to address poverty, hunger, education, healthcare and the protection of our environment.

Discussions have tackled the obstacles to be overcome and risks to be mitigated en route to AI capable of matching or even exceeding human decision-making capabilities.

The event’s analysis of the possibilities appearing on the horizon has been accompanied by investigation of privacy, security and ethics considerations relevant to AI.

Emphasis was placed on the potential of AI to assist the pursuit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by contributing to transformations in fields such as healthcare and education.

The event’s participants share the view that AI has great potential to drive social good, but they were equally aligned in their view that fulfilling this potential will call for government, industry, academia and civil society to adopt a more cohesive model of behaviour.

Watch daily highlights and in-depth interviews in ITU’s playlist of videos from the AI for Good Global Summit.

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