28 August, Geneva: ITU workshop on connected car security

An ITU Workshop on Security Aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems in Geneva, 28 August 2017, will analyze the security demands of the communications technologies underlying connected, automated driving.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and open to all. Register here…

ITU standardization work is supporting the increasing integration of ICTs in vehicles with road safety and data security as its top priorities. Security and data protection will factor considerably into the reliability and safety of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and their success in gaining users’ trust.

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The upcoming workshop will interrogate threats to ITS security, assess the status of ITS security technologies and share insight into standardization work supporting the development of a secure ITS ecosystem. Standards developers will meet with ITS industry players to discuss the security requirements of all actors in the ITS value chain, and the workshop will in parallel explore the surrounding policy and regulatory environment.

A key focus of the workshop will be to determine where ITU’s new work stream on ITS security – Question 13/17 (Security aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems) – could contribute to further standards collaboration to enhance the security of ITS applications and services.

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“ITS security has emerged as a high-priority field of ITU standardization,” said Heung Youl Youm, Chairman of ITU’s standardization expert group for security, ITU-T Study Group 17. “A new ITU standard for secure over-the-air software updates for connected cars was approved in March 2017, and this work continues with the development of a new ITU standard to provide security guidelines for ‘V2X’ communications such as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.”

ITU-T Study Group 17 will meet in Geneva from 29 August to 6 September 2017. Learn more…

Learn more about the status and future of connected, automated driving from the wrap-up video of 2017’s Symposium on the Future Networked Car, an annual ITU event held within the Geneva International Motor Show.

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