Workshop on the Internet of Things

ITU will host a workshop “Internet of Things – Trends and Challenges in Standardization”, 18 February 2014 in Geneva. The event is free-of-charge and open to all.

Bringing together managers and engineers working with IoT applications, service providers and policy and standards makers; the event aims at facilitating the global expansion of IoT through a better understanding of trends, including standardization. Results will inform the drafting of future standards (ITU-T Recommendations) in the relevant ITU-T Study Groups.

The workshop is organized in conjunction with several related meetings of ITU standards groups such as the IoT Global Standards Initiative (IoT-GSI), 19-25 February 2014, and the IoT Joint Coordination Activity (JCA-IoT), 25 February 2014.

As well as examining the status of IoT and machine-to-machine communications (M2M) standards initiatives across other standards developing organizations (SDOs), the event will report on progress of related standards and protocol development in the research and open-source communities.

The event will include exhibitions from industry, government, research institutes and academia. For more information please contact

Alain Louchez (Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, Georgia, USA), is leading a Steering Committee responsible for the workshop programme.  See also a recent article in ITU News: “The Internet of things — Machines, businesses, people, everything”.

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