New e-Learning Course on the Working Methods of ITU-T Study Groups

The first in a series of new ITU-T e-learning courses is now available on the ITU Academy platform. The course is based on Recommendation ITU-T A.1 “Work methods for study groups of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector”, providing an introduction to the management structures, coordination mechanisms and operating procedures of ITU-T Study Groups.

The development of the e-learning course responds to the revised Resolution 44 of 2012’s World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-12) in Dubai, UAE, which mandates that ITU-T implement measures to bridge the ‘standardization gap’ between developed and developing countries.

Revisions to Resolution 44 agreed in Dubai call on ITU-T to explore the use of e-learning channels for training on ITU’s global standards (ITU-T Recommendations). ITU-T has launched the e-learning course on Recommendation ITU-T A.1 in conjunction with ITU’s Development Sector (ITU-D), the hosts of ITU Academy. Work is underway on the next course in the series, targeting Quality of Service (QoS) in mobile networks, and developing countries in particular are invited to suggest topics for future e-learning courses.

Recommendation ITU-T A.1 describes general working methods of ITU-T Study Groups, providing guidelines on the management of meetings, the preparation of studies, the role of Rapporteurs, and the processing of Contributions and Temporary Documents.

The e-learning course is intended for participants in ITU-T standardization work and is especially geared towards new delegates not familiar with the working procedures of ITU-T Study Groups.

The course is two hours in duration, comprising six modules:

  • Standardization in ITU-T
  • Managing the study groups
  • Coordination
  • Inputs to the study groups
  • Outputs of the study groups
  • Further infrastructure supporting the study group process

Each module is a self-contained unit of course content and associated quizzes. On completion of the course, participants can take a final assessment online in which a score of at least 80% will qualify them for a certificate of achievement.

Interested participants are requested  to register on the ITU Academy to receive their login credentials and enrolment key.

More information on ITU-T’s Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG) programme can be found here

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