New ITU Global Portal on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change

The newly launched ITU Global Portal on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change provides an index to external resources relevant to ITU’s areas of action in the ‘green ICT’ field.

Established in response to the revised WTSA Resolution 73 “ICTs, environment and climate change” (Dubai, 2012), the Global Portal supplements ITU-T’s green ICT standards and reports on ICTs, the environment and climate change with a collection of links to related studies and initiatives external to ITU.

The Global Portal groups resources into the following categories:

  • ITU-T green ICT standards: ITU-T Recommendations to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and curb greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate change: ICT’s role in climate-change adaptation and mitigation
  • Smart water management: Deploying ‘smart’ technologies to improve the environmental sustainability of water management systems
  • Smart sustainable cities: Smart grid and smart meters, smart buildings and urban planning, and smart mobility and electric vehicles
  • e-Waste and municipal waste: The changing dynamics of waste management and the importance of environmentally sound treatment of e-waste
  • Green ICT procurement: Smart logistics and green ICTs
  • Cloud computing and data centres: Green cloud computing and energy-efficient data centres
  • Eco-efficient supply-chain management: The measurement, certification and reduction of ICT supply chains’ adverse environmental impacts

Questions on the new Global Portal or ITU-T’s work on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change should be directed to Cristina Bueti, Advisor of ITU-T Study Group 5 (Environment and climate change), at

More information on ITU-T Study Group 5 can be found here…

More information on ITU-T’s work on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change can be found here…

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