12-16 May: Leading car makers to test hands-free systems to ITU standards

Mercedes, Toyota-Europe, Bosch, Renault and Volvo are among companies that will participate in an ITU event that aims to usher in a new era of trouble-free hands-free communications.

While hands-free communications in cars has been available for years, performance has often been impeded by a lack of interoperability as users switch phones or cars.

The companies will test hands-free terminals (HFTs) and phones according to ITU standards – Recommendations ITU-T P.1100 (“Narrow-band hands-free communication in motor vehicles”) and ITU-T P.1110 (“Wideband hands-free communication in motor vehicles”).

The testing results generated will provide better guidance on how to configure products for greater interoperability and ultimately improve the performance and voice quality of vehicle-mounted hands-free phones.

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