ITU Blog: Vodafone Qatar, ITU-T’s Newest Member

In the year 2000, around 5% of Qatar’s citizens were using the Internet and roughly 20% held mobile-cellular subscriptions. Fast-forward to 2012, an appropriate analogy, and 88% of the population were online and the number of mobile-cellular subscriptions in the country exceeded the number of people by around 30%. Qatar’s population is now 99% urban, it is youthful, it is highly educated, and its future is centred around information and communication technology (ICT) and the development of a knowledge-driven economy.

Vodafone Qatar has the privilege of working within a sophisticated modern communications infrastructure, serving discerning customers interested in high-end services. The complexities of providing a wide variety of services to our customers, as well as the direction of our company’s strategy, motivated us to approach ITU’s Standardization Sector (ITU-T) to discuss membership early this year.

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