New ITU-T Global Portal launched with special focus on Regional Participation

regional shutterstock_81240610In 2004 Resolution 54 (Rev. Dubai, 2012) approved at the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) resolved to support the creation of regional groups within Study Groups. This resolution aims to increase the participation of developing countries in standardization work and ensure that their needs and interests are understood and taken into consideration.

In response to this resolution, a new Global Portal entry on regional participation has been launched today.

This portal provides information on ITU-T activities in Africa, Asia Pacific, Arab and Americas regions with core focus on activities carried out by the 5 regional groups in Africa, 3 in the Americas, 3 in Arab states and 2 in Asia Pacific. The launch of this portal forms a part of the raising awareness activities carried out under the Action Plans launched by Malcolm Johnson, Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.

ITU-T to fulfill its mandate, has organized a number of meetings and workshops in the different regions to facilitate  dialogue with the concerned developing countries  and increase their participation in the development of standards and ensure they reap the economic benefits  associated with technological development.

The different events have covered a range of subjects including mobile roaming, future networks, e-waste management, Quality of Service, smart sustainable cities, and best practices in standardization.

These activities are closely linked with Resolution 123 of the Plenipotentiary Conference that called for the three ITU Bureaux to work together and assist in bridging the standardization gap between developing and developed countries. This resolution had developed from the recognition of ITU Membership that developing countries’ have less ability to participate in ITU’s standardization activities, and that major disparities in knowledge and management of standards remain between developed and developing countries.

For contact and further information on the different regions the ITU-T focal points are:

  • Africa Region: Alexander Ntoko
  • Americas Region: Cristina Bueti
  • Arab Region: Bilel Jamoussi
  • Asia Pacific Region: Xiaoya Yang

 Further information on the regional groups and associated activities may be found here

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