ITU Blog: Connecting the Next 1.5 Billion: making the connection between spectrum and innovation

By François Rancy, Director of ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau

The Internet as we know it today has only been around for 25 years, but it has had an immeasurable impact on the way that we live our lives, giving almost unlimited access to global information and acting as a means of worldwide communication. Yet, there are roughly 4 billion people around the world who are still ‘offline’, unable to access and participate in the Information Society.

ITU has embarked on an ambitious task – to connect the next 1.5 billion people to the Internet by 2020. The goal comes as part of a wider vision for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, dubbed Connect 2020, developed as part of the 2016-2019 ITU Strategic Plan, with goals and measurable targets representing the change that the Union wants to see achieved by 2020…

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