Strengthening the satellite industry in the Asia-Pacific region

15163311700_5018590eaf_z“This first Satellite Symposium organized by ITU provided a unique opportunity to all stakeholders to gather under one roof and discuss the issues in an open environment,” said Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Dr Shah attended the Symposium last September, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event, organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC) was organized under the umbrella of the satellite service regulatory framework project that ITU and NBTC are implementing.

The outcome of the project will be a study on satellite systems and communications with a focus on regulation for satellite services in Thailand. The study will take into account international experiences, best practices and human capacity building activities on related subject matters.

Mr Brahima Sanou, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau said that the goal is “to put in place an enabling environment for fair competition and effective use of spectrum resources, particularly for satellite systems and communications.”

At the two day international Satellite Symposium last September participants discussed international laws, regulations, and procedures related to satellite launch, operations and services as well as issues and challenges faced by the satellite industry.

The Symposium will help to plan future actions to promote and strengthen the satellite industry at all levels, including policy and regulations, competition, and businesses.

Over 200 participants from government, technology and ICT industry players Academia and Research and development organizations in the Asia Pacific region attended the Symposium.

“Participation from the government sector and the private sector as well as from the ITU experts provided a unique opportunity to look at all the issues in a comprehensive manner,” Dr. Shah said. “I am sure the symposium will go a long way in resolving the outstanding issues through dialogue and will result in better regulatory regime for satellite communications.” 15340366265_201a3b278e_z

Mr Doan Quang Hoan, Director General of the Authority of Radio Frequency Management, Ministry of Information and Communications of Viet Nam also participated in the event and said that the meeting “created a wonderful networking channel for participants. I took that opportunity of sharing our view on satellite Service Regulatory Framework in Asia Pacific particularly focusing on the satellite service regulatory framework in Viet Nam, especially in the extended-C band.”

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand is mandated to put in place regulatory frameworks for telecommunications services in Thailand, which include satellite services in Thailand. The International Telecommunication Union is also mandated to assist Members States and regulators in spectrum management and radio monitoring and satellite communications.

For more information on projects, visit the ITU-D projects webpage.


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