PP-14 Highlights: Conference moves into top gear as it enters final week

The conference  began its third and final week on Monday, 3 November by approving  a number of revised and  new resolutions submitted for its endorsement by its Working Group of the Plenary (WGPL), Committee 5 (Legal and Policy), and Committee 6 (Administration and Management).

A major highlight in Monday’s plenary was the approval of a resolution titled “Empowerment of youth through telecommunication/information and communication technology” – Resolution WG-PL/4 (Busan, 2014). Today, youth under the age of 25 account for 42.5 per cent of the world’s population and constitute the most active population in terms of use of the Internet.

Under the terms of the new resolution, ITU will continue to engage with youth in outreach, through communications, capacity building and research, from the perspectives of digital inclusion. ITU will also promote innovation, entrepreneurship and skills development, in order to equip youth to participate fully in the digital economy and in all aspects of society. In addition, ITU should promote partnerships with academia for the purpose of youth development…

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