Paving the way to a competitive telecommunication sector in Paraguay: new agreement signed

Paraguay - Mr Eduardo Neri GONZALEZ MARTINEZ, President, CONATEL 016The International Telecommunication Union and the National Telecommunications Commission of Paraguay (CONATEL) signed on 28 October 2014 a Framework Cooperation Agreement to implement projects aimed at strengthening key priority areas.

Areas covered by the agreement, which was signed in Busan, South Korea, during the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, include the development of cost models; the review and update of the existing regulatory framework on the provision and quality of telecommunications services; the development of technical standards for telecommunication systems and equipment; and the need for measures and technologies to bring telecommunications services in remote and rural areas of the country.

“The Framework Agreement that will bring legal support to various activities,” said Mr Brahima Sanou, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. “This will help CONATEL to address the new challenges that incessantly appear in the ICT sector.”

“This new agreement will bring new opportunities and will pave the way to the development of a competitive telecommunication sector in Paraguay,” said Mr. Gonzales Martinez, President of CONATEL. “It will also allow the country to access state of art regulatory standards operating in different Member States of the ITU.” Paraguay - Mr Eduardo Neri GONZALEZ MARTINEZ, President, CONATEL 025

The ITU and the Republic of Paraguay maintain a very close collaboration in developing CONATEL technical capabilities, through courses offered by the ITU Academy platform, as well as the implementation of various projects.



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