Arab States Regional Cybersecurity Summit 2015

ITU Arab Regional Cyber Security Center is organizing the fourth Regional Cyber Security Summit. The summit is hosted by the Information Technology Authority through Oman National CERT (OCERT) on March 29th – 30th at Muscat, Oman.

The last decade has demonstrated a significant change to the international security. The rapidly evolving cyber warfare techniques and emerging threats to government functions, industry, commerce, healthcare, social communication and personal information, has created a whole new security environment that gets more dangerous over time.

Preparing for future security threats has become inevitable; security tools and techniques must evolve to better protect the data. The moment we think we are safe, is the moment we are faced with irrefutable damages.

The Regional Cyber security Summit in 2015 focuses on future expected threats and measures, also aims at connecting public, private and academic sectors with the main purpose of providing an appropriate platform for up to 200 senior ICT and cyber security officials from the MENA region to discuss, formulate strategic directions and plans to tackle emerging threats to the global and regional Security sector.

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