Mobile money and Universal Service find a home in the ITU-T group for economic and policy issues

ITU-T Study Group 3 (economic and policy issues) has created a new working group on ‘economic and competitiveness aspects of mobile money services’. The group aims to harmonize approaches to the regulation and costing of mobile money services. It will standardize terminology and develop competition guidelines and cost models to increase the affordability of these services.

A second new working group will analyze international aspects of ‘Universal Service’, the concept of delivering a minimum level of ICT services to every inhabitant of a country. In particular, the group will study the relationship between Universal Service and the cost of international broadband Internet connectivity. A third new working group will formulate governance principles to guide the actions of regulatory bodies in the field of telecommunications and ICT.

Meeting in Geneva, 16-20 March, ITU-T Study Group 3 (SG3) initiated a modification of its structure to improve the extent to which it reflects the group’s ongoing work.

SG3 has proposed to organize its work with a new set of study areas. The intention of the proposal is to bring greater structure to work underway in areas such as international mobile roaming; the identification of significant market power and competition policy; and the economic impact of over-the-top services.

SG3 has also established a new Regional Group for members of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC). Regional Groups within ITU-T Study Groups assist in the coordination of regional contributions to ITU-T’s international standardization work. They are considered especially important to SG3, given the group’s development of both international and region-specific standards. With the establishment of the Regional Group for RCC countries, SG3 now hosts six Regional Groups, the most of any ITU-T Study Group.

For more information on ITU-T standardization work on economic and policy issues, visit the homepage of ITU-T Study Group 3.

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